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We are ready to go through the process of arranging a mortgage loan in your native language.

The owners of GOFIN s.r.o. are active in banking already for more than 25 years. They both have come through different positions from counter workers to managing positions. Our company aims to provide the best service in mortgage financing through the several GEPARD FINANCE franchise acquisitions.

Due to their long-time practice in banking, the company owners have established above-standard relations with bank specialists.

Our mortgage brokers have already arranged mortgage and building savings loans exceeding value of 2 billions Czech crowns. They have aquired a lot of experience and knowledge to guarantee a high quality of service. Due to our first-rate credit portfolio banks offer our clients the lowest interest rates possible.

The owners of GOFIN s.r.o. are able to build a top quality mortgage broker team thanks to their expertise and long-time experience in banking. Personal approach, time flexibility, expertise, swift mortgage processing, reliability and offer of all types of mortgage loans – these are the key qualities of all mortgage brokers in our team.

We are able to provide the complex services related to real estate purchase either for living or for rental in cooperation with real estate and lawyer´s offices.

Our mortgage services are free of charge. We get paid by the banks – the mortgage lenders. Since we receive the same commission throughout, we do not prefer any specific bank.

Why get a mortgage through GEPARD FINANCE a.s.:

  • Personal approach, time flexibility and top-quality professional expertise of our mortgage brokers
  • Mortgage loans for different purposes – for home purchase, house construction, home improvements and reconstruction, refinancing, investment properties purchase, property settlement, non-purpose mortgage loan, mortgage loan without proving your income etc.
  • The biggest specialized mortgage broker company on the Czech market
  • More advantageous and negotiated mortgage interest rates
  • Home loans from the best mortgage lenders and building savings companies
  • Advantageous and negotiated credit terms for our clients
  • Guaranty of the lowest interest rates possible
  • Providing the complex services (insurance, real estate and lawyer´s services) in cooperation with our partners

You can get the best mortgage loan ever with the help of our mortgage brokers!



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